I am basically interested in all sorts of moving images. They being fictional or documentary. “I see filmmaking as a community where people lift together in order to make the story, the characters and the visual style as beautiful as possible. If it's moving within a composition - it's a film - or at least the beginning of one". Contact info: Mob: (+45) 2538 0166 Email: martin@justabrand.dk

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What made you enter the comp on Genero.tv?

I think Genero.tv is a great idea because it opens the concept of creating a music video up for everybody. It is very fascinating to see how differently people go about creating a music video. The other thing about Genero.tv is that you are forced by a deadline to finish your work. There is no excuse to make the project linger on. You listen to the track at hand - get a feeling for it and begin the creative process. Genero.tv is a great way for people with creative gifts and interests to get started. And most importantly Genero.tv offers absolute creative freedom which is a wonderfull way for a director to work.

How would you describe your film making style?

My work typically has to do with people, their emotions and the space between them. In my mind people and their actions is the most important element in film making. I usually let the people carry the story - rather than the plot itself. You get a more honest and natural form of storytelling that way - I think. For me, two people standing in front of each other opens up a wide range of actions, re-actions, emotions and choices. And it is in the meeting of people that I develop my stories. I tend to shoot my work using a handheld camera and without to much visual effects in the imagery. I would descibe my film making style as poetic realism, where I try to locate and display the poetic aspects of everyday life and actions. In my mind there is gracefulness and beauty to be found in the most simple of actions -that being drinking a cup of coffee, driving a car or simple sitting on a bench by the sea. I get my inspiration from a mixture of different directors - Francois Truffaut, Jean Renoir and Woody Allen are some of them. I love the way they explore the human form and how they visualize these human beings in a world filled with love, sorrow and solitude. For me film is about stealing moments. To find and single out specific moments in time and concentrate on giving that moment values of love, doubt, fears and sorrow. When you have a great moment - you have a great scene or video. For me the camera is a tool in which I explore the characters and their interactions with other people and the enviroment they are located in. But there is no doubt that people are the most important element in film making for me. Without people there would be no story worth telling - no emotions worth exploring and no film worth showing.

What sort of work have you done in the music video space before?

I have directed music videos in Copenhagen (my home town) for the last two years. I have made videos within genres such as pop, rock, emo, hip hop and alternative rock. The videos that I am most fond of - are the ones with a strong story line in them. I think it is a very powerful way to display an artist by having a story and characters acting out the theme and emotion of the song and lyrics. I started out by editing music videos but quickly moved into directing. I still edit some of the videos myself though. There are so many turns you can take in the editing room and most of the time it is like making the video for the second time.

Where are you hoping to head in the future?

I would love to make music vidoes for artists and bands that are courageous and curious enough to explore new ways of visualizing their songs and lyrics. Also I am ready to move out into the world and make videos for international artists. It would be very inspiring for me to meet new people out in the world and travel around with my profession. My way of making music videos is very close to that of making fictional films. I have made short films before and hope to continue in that line of work too. And hopefully make a feature film at some point. My strongest wish though - is to be proud of my work and find my inspiration in the people that I work with.


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