Patrick Watson - Blackwind | Make the Music Video |

The Brief

Patrick Watson wants you to make the music video for their song Blackwind, from their new album!

Adventures In Your Own Backyard is an album which suggests freedom and intimacy. The band are looking for a fresh and crafted video, while leaving the interpretation of the song wide open, so listen and be inspired.

Deadline for entries is 12 November 2012, 23:59 GMT time.

Awards & Judging

The winner will receive £2,000 and have their video used as the official music video for Blackwind.

Outstanding videos will also be nominated for the 2012 Genero Awards and in the running for $25,000 in prizes.

The winner and finalists will be chosen by Patrick Watson and Genero.

Patrick Watson

Adventures In Your Own Backyard is a record made at home with lots of love. After our past tours and last recordings around the world, we decided to bring this album home. We set up our instruments in my loft and over a year, came in and out, just pressed record and hoped for the best. We recorded most of the music live, off the floor, trying to capture what people like about our shows, which can be difficult to transcribe in a studio sometimes. We also realized that when you’re making a record, it’s sometimes easier to make one that’s fun to work on but not necessarily one you would listen to. We noticed that records we love to listen to are more simple than the ones we’ve made, so we tried are best to make an album that was as easy and fun to do than it is to listen to. We decided to make a simple and grounded record where each single sound has to be a necessity, or cut. The adventure aspect consisted into bringing a little sugar to people’s home, inspired by Ennio Morricone’s soundtracks.

After being far from home, constantly inspired by exotic new places, the novelty begins slowly to wear off and the idea of home becomes inspiring and fun. Sometimes you take for granted all the amazing stories and people you walk by each day and start fantasizing about a faraway place, but you might miss the greatness that’s just right around you. This record has been a great companion to me while I was making it. I hope it treats everyone who listens the same way and I also hope it brings a little adventure into the listeners’ ears. Patrick Watson, April 2012

Patrick Watson first broke through to audiences in 2006 with his album Close to Paradise. The album went gold in Canada and won numerous awards, including the Polaris Prize. Watson also began to receive attention around the same time for his song To Build a Home, which he performs with Cinematic Orchestra on their 2007 album, Ma Fleur. Fittingly, the seeds of his own band were cinematic and collaborative in nature, having begun as a multi-media project entitled Waterproof9 with Quebec visual artist Brigitte Henry. His core four-piece band of Watson (vox, keys), Mishka Stein (bass), Simon Angell (guitar) and Robbie Kuster (drums) began to take shape in the wake of the self-released Just Another Ordinary Day in 2003, and before long buzz on their live show had lead to performances with an impressively diverse group of artists, from Phillip Glass and Steve Reich, to Feist. In the summer of 2006, they were invited on a European tour with the late James Brown, just before the release of Close to Paradise.

His 2009 album, Wooden Arms, saw the band expand in the live setting to include a string quartet—not surprisingly, considering the lush arrangements present on all the albums. Indeed by this time Watson himself had established a reputation as a producer and composer of film scores, in addition to role as, band-leader, piano-player and singer-songwriter. The Wooden Arms tour fittingly culminated in 2011 with a collaborative performance with Amsterdam’s Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, which saw the renowned symphony performing Watson’s songs alongside the band.

Watson’s latest offering, entitled Adventures in Your Own Backyard, is in his own words, an effort on the band’s part to “make the kind of music we would want to listen to at home.” The album’s title is both a nod to this sentiment, and to the fact that it was recorded almost entirely in Watson’s apartment in Montreal. Both Close to Paradise and Wooden Arms were recorded over long periods of time, in many different places—Wooden Arms is especially scattered in its geography, with a number of the songs having been informed by the band’s extensive travels in the wake of the success of Close to Paradise.

By contrast, the tone for creating Adventures in Your Own Backyard was one comfort and proximity, which opened a number of doors. With the help of local engineer Rob Heaney, the band was able to set up a recording environment in Watson’s studio that was both professional and comfortable. As Kuster explains, “Pat's studio environment allowed us to be relaxed and feel like we were in an informal space...our own. That really let us dig in to the writing and the arranging.” One of the results of this is the extent to which the new album showcases bassist Mishka Stein as a prominent collaborative songwriter; he penned the foundations for a number of the songs, including the first single, Into Giants.

The result is an album that is still ripe with the touchstones one has come to expect from Patrick Watson and his collaborators, but permeated with a greater sense of patience, and confidence. Adventures in Your Own Backyard is an attempt by Watson and the band to simplify their sights—to make music a bit more close to home, in every sense of the phrase.