Help and Frequently Asked Questions

Before you get started, here are a few important rules:

- We only accept true 16:9 or wider videos, and do not allow stretched footage
- We do not accept any pillar or window boxing (ie. black bars around your video)
- We only accept HD video (720p or 1080p)
- We do not allow credits to be added to videos
- Maximum file size for your video upload cannot exceed 500MB
- We are looking for entries that can become official videos; Learn more
- There are important legal, release & consent checklists that you need to read

If you are having trouble uploading your video, please ensure the following:

- You are using the very latest version of Chrome or Firefox, with the latest updates, and clear your cache
- You use our preferred H.264 video codec, and .mov or .mp4 file type
- You are uploading true 16:9 resolution or wider
- Maximum file size for your video upload does not exceed 300MB
- Your video file name doesn't contain any special characters