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Project Results

A huge congratulations to Pedro Pinto (Portugal) whose video was selected by our guest judges!

View the full announcement, and watch all the videos for this amazing project!

The Brief

END7 and Genero.tv are partnering to help end 7 devastating diseases and the suffering of over half a billion children by 2020. These diseases can be controlled and eliminated with a simple packet of pills.

We want you to make creative videos to the theme "What would you like to see the end of?". To you that might be ending traffic, jetlag, pollution, ironing, cold winter mornings, etc! The whole END7 campaign is summarised by the line "Together we can see the end".

Your video must use the supplied end frame featuring END7's tagline, "We can’t end everything but we can END7 diseases by 2020". See the Assets tab to download the end card.

Be creative: your video should be funny, or surprising, or clever, or interesting, but most of all engaging - we want videos people will share to help promote END7's cause. We are looking for videos that are short and punchy. The tone should be positive and shouldn't focus on the negative impact of the diseases.

Any music you use should be your own original music, or you must have the license to use the audio commercially without limitations or restrictions. creativecommons.org has some helpful information about commericial licensing music for video. You must include a link to the source of any licensed music when you upload your video.

Submissions must be uploaded before July 17, at 23:59 GMT.

Judging and Awards

10 finalists will initially be chosen by END7 and Genero. One winner and one runner-up will then be chosen by a renowned judging panel including:

Dilly Gent (credits include Radiohead, The Dead Weather, Al Gore's Live Earth films, From The Basement, etc.)
Jonas Åkerlund (music video director for artists including Rolling Stones, Lady GaGa, The Prodigy, U2, Madonna, Jamiroquai, Moby, etc.)
Richard Curtis, screenwriter and director (Four Weddings and a Funeral, Bridget Jones' Diary, Notting Hill, Blackadder, Mr Bean etc.)
Jon Blair (Academy Award winning documentary filmmaker, writer and producer)

An additional runner-up will also be selected from the 10 finalists based on audience voting.

The winner will get a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel to one of the affected regions in Africa or Asia to film a documentary for the END7 campaign. The prize will include two airfares, travel expenses/per diem, a small production budget of $2,000, as well as the opportunity to collaborate with multi-award winning documentary filmmaker Jon Blair while making their film.

The winner and two runner-ups will also each receive an Apple Mac laptop, complete with editing software.

Outstanding videos will be nominated for the 2013 Genero Awards


END7 is on a mission to see the end of 7 neglected tropical diseases by 2020. The great news is that with your help we really can end this suffering for good. The campaign is led by the Global Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases (globalnetwork.org), an initiative of the Sabin Vaccine Institute. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is the primary funder.