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Director Of The Year – Genero Awards 2013

It’s time to announce the biggest prize of the 2013 Genero Awards!

This award is given to one very talented filmmaker, based on the quality, creativity and originality of their body of work across Genero projects throughout the year.

Director Of The Year ($10,000)

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that the Director Of The Year for 2013 is Brendan Huza. 

After joining the site with a finalist film for Steve Aoki in 2012, Brendan took things to a new level in 2013 as one of our most successful filmmakers to date!
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Brand Video Of The Year – Genero Awards 2013

Throughout 2013, we had the pleasure of to create unique content for brands, and Genero filmmakers continued to prove their ability to create diverse, commercial and innovative content! We’re really proud to present a prize for Brand Video Of The Year, and can’t wait to bring you more exciting opportunities in 2014.

Brand Video Of The Year ($5,000)

Congratulations to Gorilla Pictures!
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Announcing the 2013 Genero Awards

In recognition of the amazing talent in our community, and the brilliant content you’re creating, we’ve doubled the payment pool for the 2013 Genero Awards! Get involved in Genero projects now to be in the running for $50,000 awarded across the following categories:

Director of the Year $10,000
We will select a Genero Director of the Year based on the quality, creativity and originality of their body of work across Genero projects throughout the year; they will receive $10,000. Four runners up will each receive $2,500 in payments.

Genero Production Grants $5,000
The Top 10 Genero Directors of the Year will have the opportunity to pitch their personal film projects to us and we’ll award two prizes of $5,000 each towards their production. We’ll also do all we can to help in the creation and promotion of your projects.

Music Video of the Year $5,000
Genero will select the most outstanding music video submitted across all of our music projects in 2013. The filmmaker responsible for Genero’s Music Video of the Year 2013 will receive $5,000. Five runners up will also receive $1,000 each.

Brand Video of the Year $5,000
Genero will select the most outstanding video submitted across all of our brand projects in 2013. The filmmaker responsible for Genero’s Brand Video of the Year 2013 will receive $5,000. Five runners up will also receive $1,000 each.

We’re always rolling out new features and initiatives to reward our filmmakers, increase your exposure, and give you more opportunities (there are some very big announcements right around the corner!). The level of quality and creativity in the 2012 nominees was exceptional, and we’re really excited to see the amazing visions you create in 2013!

Check back regularly to view all the 2013 Genero Awards nominated videos, and – as always – stay tuned for more great projects and exciting announcements from Genero!

We caught up with 2012 Director of the Year winner: OMGITSME (Julia Rogowska, Magdalena Załęcka, Adam Andrzejewski & Adam Mendry) to chat about their Genero videos for 2012, and what their experience has been like as Genero filmmakers.

Read the full Director of the Year announcement, including the runners up.

Watch all the Genero Awards nominees from 2012.


Director of the Year – 2012 Genero Awards

In early 2012 we announced the Genero Awards – recognition for exceptional videos and filmmakers from our community for the entire year.

The Director of the Year award seeks to recognise filmmakers who submitted an exceptional body of work to Genero projects in 2012. We’re always humbled by the amazing creativity and hard work of directors and filmmaking teams who create multiple films for Genero. These directors branch out with their narratives, filmmaking techniques and visual aesthetics while maintaining high quality productions.

Director of the Year Runner Up: Row and Jack

Row and Jack submitted an amazing eleven(!) videos in 2012, with four videos being nominated into the Genero Awards, six project finalists, two project runners up, and two wins (for Michael Kiwanuka’s ‘Aways Waiting’, and Animal Kingdom’s ‘Get Away With It’).

Passionate filmmakers, this team are just as comfortable shooting crazy, vivid films like their Passion Pit nominee; beautiful, crisp imagery like their Graffiti6 runner up; or clever, engaging narrative like their John Mayer nominee.

Congratulations, Row and Jack, we’re proud to have you as part of our filmmaking community! Row and Jack receive a runner up prize of $3,000!

Director of the Year Runner Up: Jemga

Jem’s first submission to Genero was a winner: Ringo Starr ‘Wings’. Jem and her team went from concept to hitting the upload button in just five days! The win resulted not only in her being name-checked by Ringo himself, but also coverage in Canada’s The Globe and Mail.

Jem and her team followed this up with another win, this time for Linkin Park. Showing off a very talented young actor and some great visual effects, this film highlighted some skilful filmmaking craft.

Rounding out her submissions for the year were Jem’s finalist for M83, and nominee for Muse.

Congratulations, Jem, on such high quality films. Jem receives a runner up prize of $3,000!

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Video of the Year – 2012 Genero Awards

In early 2012 we announced the Genero Awards – recognition for exceptional videos and filmmakers from our community for the entire year.

The Genero team has spent a lot of time re-watching all the nominated videos from the year. We remained amazed and inspired by the level of creativity, beauty and vision pouring out of such creative people! Nominated Genero filmmakers come from every corner of the globe. We received over 1,900 video submissions in 2012 and from those we nominated about 140 into the Genero Awards.

The decisions were tough. How could we get 140 nominated videos down to just a handful? We each had our favourite videos, our own points of view, passionate feelings about the different ways each video touched us. So to help with choosing the Video of the Year we enlisted some expert help:

  • Dilly Gent (credits include Radiohead, The Dead Weather, Al Gore’s Live Earth films, From The Basement + more)
  • Jonas Åkerlund (music video director for The Rolling Stones, U2, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Metallica and many more)
  • Bryan Younce (VP of Video + Content Production at Sony Music USA)
  • Jon Cohen (Co-President + CEO of Cornerstone/The Fader Magazine)

We used the feedback and selections from these expert judges in combination with the Genero team to make our final decisions. We decided to add one extra runner up due to a tie in the voting. So, in no particular order, here are the Video of the Year Runners Up who each receive $1,000:

James Brown – ‘It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World’ — by xfauthoux (France)
A gorgeous animated style reflecting the atmosphere of the 60’s. Xavier’s film was selected to be the official video for ‘It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World’ and he received invaluable experience opportunities via our partnership on the Music Video Challenge with global communications network Saatchi & Saatchi. Xavier’s video was also a Staff Pick on Vimeo.

Other Lives – ‘Dust Bowl III’ — by NOAMIR (Belgium)
Other Lives sum it up best: “We felt the video by NOAMIR spoke to the music in a desperate, tense way, yet the beautiful cinematography that captured the city’s architecture as well as the Rubens painting ‘Montée au Calvaire’, played against the torment the actor portrayed so well. The pacing was also spot on as was the clever ending by the script writers. Just a wonderful experience for us all around.”

Muse – ‘Animals’ — by pARTS (Poland)
Michal Byra and his pARTS team have delivered an expertly shot and tightly paced film. It’s bold, surprising, engaging. We’re confronted by a view behind the curtain of consumerism. Stunning!

alt-J (∆) – ‘Matilda’ — by Julian Lucas (Australia)
A strong, moody atmosphere evoking feelings of isolation and quietly resolving a loss of innocence, Julian’s video is a powerful vision for this song. The eerie locations, gritty details and confident performances round out a compelling film, restrained in it’s delivery.

Patrick Watson – ‘Blackwind’ — by Deeshin (South Korea)
A film that rewards multiple watchings, Deeshin’s finalist video for ‘Blackwind’ contains layers of subtle motifs, linking each scene as we follow the Young Artist from the comfort of home into adventure. Absolutely Beautiful!


Passion Pit – ‘I’ll Be Alright’
Directed by Greg Barth

Greg’s video became the official video for ‘I’ll Be Alright’ and has gone on to receive 400,000 views and counting on Passion Pit’s YouTube channel; it was also selected as a Staff Pick on Vimeo. The video is striking, surreal and packed with deeper meaning while being hugely entertaining and memorable. It’s a wonderfully realised concept, and expertly edited.

Greg describes the film: “A heart broken museum security guard sees reality shift after abusing his medication, bringing him back to a glorified vision of his past love. Each piece of art suddenly takes part in illustrating the love cycle surrounding him. From the triangle symbolizing Seduction (Gold), to the Fiery Passion that consumes a relationship (Yellow), the entangled and complicated Break Up (Red, Dynamite), ending up with the hopeful and healing Rebirth ( Green).”

Greg wins $5,000! Congratulations, Greg, on your video being named Video of the Year 2012! Stay tuned for an interview with Greg – coming soon.

Thank you to ALL Genero filmmakers for being involved in an amazing 2012. We have more great projects, new site features, and an expanded and even more exciting 2013 Genero Awards which will be announced shortly.


Launching the Genero Awards

To further recognise the talent and vision within our global community and the amazing videos you’re creating, today we’re launching the Genero Awards. There will be 2 major awards up for grabs in the 2012 Genero Awards – Director of the Year and Video of the Year. See all of the details here:

For each project closing in 2012 Genero will hand-pick one or more videos to become Genero Nominees. In addition, the winning videos from each project will automatically become Genero Nominees. All Genero Nominees from the year will then be in the running for the 2012 Genero Awards and a payment pool of $25,000!

Congratulations to the Nominees from the two projects that have been announced so far in 2012, Mona and Ringo Starr. They are:

– – sancharoenchai (USA)
– – kidding hsu (Taiwan)
– – Tall Man Short man Films (UK)
– – Martin-Hanne (Singapore)