Dead Can Dance – Results!

Dead Can Dance have made their selection in the project to make a video for “Children Of The Sun”!

Congratulations to Jerónimo Albornoz (Ecuador), who receives £3,000! Jerónimo describes the video: “Being reborn by your inner spirit. A huge force that drives us through life.” The video presents a stark beauty which matches the mood of the song perfectly.

This was an amazing project. The level of creativity, quality and filmmaking vision on display was simply astounding – thank you so much to all filmmakers who submitted a video! A special congrats to the finalist group, including Genero Awards Staff Picks:

genero.tv/watch-video/35143MP_Mouritz (Australia) – Staff Pick
genero.tv/watch-video/35264Daniel Broadley (United Kingdom) – Staff Pick
genero.tv/watch-video/35198allanamato (United States) – Staff Pick
genero.tv/watch-video/35232Rui Rufino (Portugal) – Staff Pick
genero.tv/watch-video/35145Phantom Limb (United Kingdom) – Staff Pick
genero.tv/watch-video/35182Big_Brown_Beaver (Poland) – Staff Pick
genero.tv/watch-video/35192kacper (Poland) – Staff Pick
genero.tv/watch-video/35286The Menagerie (United States) – Staff Pick
genero.tv/watch-video/35227piccolopiccolo (Italy) – Staff Pick
genero.tv/watch-video/35235Monsters in Disguise (United States) – Staff Pick
genero.tv/watch-video/35209Styx (Poland)
genero.tv/watch-video/35213Miss Mel (Australia)
genero.tv/watch-video/35215JEANVITALJOLIAT (Canada)
genero.tv/watch-video/35236nvc (Spain)
genero.tv/watch-video/35244szabomate90 (Hungary)
genero.tv/watch-video/35275Ricardo de Almeida (Portugal)
genero.tv/watch-video/35188bleephoto (United States)
genero.tv/watch-video/35193ikorobkov (Russia)
genero.tv/watch-video/35170leannekiddorivers (United Kingdom)
genero.tv/watch-video/35177Jimmy182 (Portugal)
genero.tv/watch-video/35201Fraijoba (Spain)
genero.tv/watch-video/35325Yasinka (Belarus)
genero.tv/watch-video/35203posterunkowy (Poland)

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  1. michael.vlavianos 15 April, 2013 at 9:38 pm

    Congratulations to all the teams from the Greek participants. Great job everybody!

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