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Alicia Keys

Wait Till You See My Smile

Make the music video for
Wait Till You See My Smile and get paid $5,000

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Alicia Keys wants you to make the music video for her new song Wait Til You See My Smile! Be inspired by the song and let your creative vision flow!

Alicia Keys

On her fourth studio album, Alicia Keys makes her intentions clear from the words on the cover. Though the New York City-born singer, songwriter, and producer is one of music's biggest stars - with sales of over 30 million albums worldwide and a dozen Grammy Awards on her shelf - for this project, she sought a new approach.

"I've always enjoyed the recording process," says Keys, "but in the past, I almost felt a little bit jailed by it. Everything was always about how fast I could squeeze out every drop. But I've realized there’s an art to balancing things, so for this album, I let myself have time with my family, travel, and then come back and write from those experiences. The freedom that I felt was part of the reason for the album title."

The results of this liberation, the thirteen songs that make up The Element of Freedom, reveal both a range of sounds and a unity in mood. It's a powerful collection of diverse influences, built around the themes of love, loss, and perseverance. "I love when an album feels like a moment in time," says Keys. "When it's all connected, but you can hear all the different feelings and inspirations."

When she began work on her follow-up to 2007's multi-platinum As I Am, Keys soon found things developing in unexpected ways. "I didn’t have any preconceived notions," she says. "I actually thought it was going to be a more broken-down, acoustic sound - which is so far from where it ended up. But from the beginning, it really established its own tone.
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