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Senior (album)

Make music videos for the whole Senior album!
$11,000 pool

The Brief

Royksopp are featuring the whole album on, instead of an individual track. With the focus on the album as a whole it didn't feel right to pick out one track for you to make music videos for. So we're giving you the freedom to listen to the album and choose the tracks that resonate with you.

Awards and Judging

There will be 3 finalists per track - 1 chosen by Royksopp, 1 by and 1 based on votes. Royksopp will then choose an overall winner, who will receive US$3,000, while the winners for the other 8 tracks will get US$1,000 each. A selection of the winning videos will also be featured as part of a special Röyksopp BUG event (London’s premiere music video event) at the BFI Southbank in London – the home of British cinema. Royksopp will also be DJing as part of the event.


Let's start by saying Senior is an ‘album’. “Well, of course...”, one might say, but allow us to elaborate; Senior is a string of tracks, each designated to take on a specific part in a bigger piece. All individual numbers have been made with the intent of coexisting with the other tracks on the album. And each track is equally as important as it's predecessor and successor. In this symbiosis, we feel that the different tracks will be given an even more profound meaning or deeper sense when placed in correlation to the other tracks.

So, to us, this is an album where no track is more important or dominating than the other - all the tracks should be regarded as part of one greater entity. With that in mind, we feel that none of the tracks should be regarded outside of this context, ie. separated from the rest of the album. Quite a brave/stupid thing to do in this day & age of iPods and cherrypicking, one might suggest. We couldn't agree more - hell that's even probably why we did it.

In comparison to Junior - which in many ways represents the more outgoing, youthful and direct part of Röyksopp, "Senior" is the introvert and darker sibling, who lives in the attic. The two albums ('Junior' and 'Senior') have a kinship, in that they represent Röyksopp's two very different artistic expressions. 'Junior' - with emphasis on vocals, accessible melodies and harmonies, has the energy, the inquisitive temper and confident "hey-ho, let's go!"-attitude of youth, whereas 'Senior' is the introverted, dwelling and sometimes graceful counterpart - brimfull with dark secrets and distorted memories, insisting "I'm old, I've got experience...”.

Senior is furthermore an album about age, horses and being subdued - with devils breathing down your neck. Both albums were worked on simultaneously, satisfying two very different artistic needs with the collective soul of Röyksopp.

Senior is also a completely instrumental album and contains no deliberate 'hits' and 'fillers' - all tracks included have been made with the intention to serve a purpose or particular role on the album. This has been done in order to demand the utmost dedication and involvement of the listener. No training wheels...

Normally we don't give out pointers when it comes to our music - we feel the listener him / herself should be at liberty to process the input in whatever way he /she deems fit. But just to give you a starting point you can read a few words on each individual track by clicking on the song name and reading about it in the audio player.