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Posted on: 3rd of January 2011, 9:00 pm

David Lynch has chosen the winners for the Good Day Today and I Know music video competitions. The winner announcement from David is below.

"Ladies and Gentleman,
Happy New Year 2011 to you all. I hope for each of you it will be a really good year.

It is January 3rd now and I am supposed to pick the winning video for the songs "Good Day Today" and "I Know." This is very difficult for me - I feel that everyone who participated put in a lot of work and creativity. Each of you who did participate deserves a big round of applause and I send many thanks to you.

It is so difficult to pick only one winner for each song that I find I have to pick three. One I will call a "winner" and two will be given the title "runner-up." The "winner" videos will each get the prize money of £2000 and additionally each "runner-up" will receive prize money of £500.


Good Day Today: - adod (France)

I Know: - temek (Israel)

The RUNNER-UP videos are:

Good Day Today: - jethromassey (France) - Mikael Berglund (Sweden)

I Know: - Vitùc (Luxembourg) - meathead (USA) 

Thank you all once again for your participation in this video competition. It really makes me feel honored and very good. All the best to all of you - rock on and be happy.

Congratulations to each of the winners and runners-up, as well as to all of the other finalists and entrants. You should all feel very proud of your work and hopefully you had a great time making your videos.

All the best
The Team