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Posted on: 5th of July 2011, 7:18 am

After much deliberation due to the number of fantastic entries, we're now ready to announce the winner and finalist selections for the Aimee Allen competition. Below are the choices made by Aimee and her guest judges, directors Katherine Brooks and John Roecker, as well as their feedback on the selections.

Firstly a note from Aimee: "Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the brilliant filmmakers who participated in this Genero experience.

I am so humbled and honored to witness so many phenomenal artists bring my song to life.  I cherish each and every video for different reasons as they are all very special to me. Thank you for sharing your art with me and with the world."

And from John: "This was a lot harder than I thought - everyone who submitted a video have to be commended on their art. I was blown away by each and every one one of these videos."

Now to the selections. Firstly, the WINNER, who will receive $3,000 is:
femto² (Italy):
A beautiful video that expresses both death and life all in the order. When the heroine escapes her mourners and caress the Earth's cracks it is an incredible scene. This video is like an epic motion picture. We felt it had the best performances, was well shot, original, interesting and had great directing.

The two RUNNERS UP, who will each receive an iPad2, are:
zaluska (Poland):
This felt like it was a short film and it was a really interesting use of the song. The idea and twist in the story are brilliant and it makes for a very entertaining and memorable music video.

temek (Israel):
Another fantastic video that looks and feels like a motion picture. A seductive piece that engrosses the viewer in more ways then one.

The other FINALISTS, whose videos were each fantastic in their own ways and very unlucky not to win, are:
S.Suchodolski (Spain):
A beautiful character study of isolation and trying to break free of it to no avail. The photography is stunning. Every frame of this film can be and should be framed. Lighting, art direction and the acting are perfection.

DaF (France):
Another video that's beautifully shot. Grabs you from those first scenes in the field and manages to hold your interest and attention throughout. Great editing and directing.

alex whyte (Australia):
Very different to the other videos and another quality entry. Great use of effects and the idea of using the journey to the after-life fitted the song really well.

Mr. WH (Spain):
Loved so many things about this video and then the transition into butterflyies just adds an extra dimension that takes it to another level. Also love that the story is open to interpretation. Quality video made by people who are obviously very talented!

Mikael Berglund (Sweden):
An incredible video that is not only surreal but extremely touching. A man tapped in his own private hell. It perfectly showcases the song.

Alessandro Turchi (Italy):
Another video with a completely original take on the song. "Mamas in the kitchen dancing and singing". One of the best entries for originality, cinematography and editing. Brilliant work!

The final finalist video, based on receiving the most Facebook likes, is from (Israel). Another great entry with great use of spot colour and other visual effects. 

The quality of entries was really amazing so well done to everybody who entered. A few honorable mentions have to also go to the videos from the directors below, whose videos could have easily been chosen as finalists or the winner!
jethromassey (France):
Fenix (USA):
Hadi Moussally (France):
ickytrip (USA):
Chlupis (Czech Republic):
Nino Del Padre (USA):
tag2018 (USA):