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HP - Bend The Rules
Time remaining13 days left Judging

For the past 12 months, HP has been supporting the next generation of Australian talent across music, gaming, fashion and entrepreneurialism, for their Bend The Rules campaign. Now the search turns to film as we launch the next phase to discover the next big thing in Australian filmmaking with this short film competition on Genero. Pitch your short film idea around the theme Bend The Rules. 5 Australian directors will be selected to go ahead and make their films, and will receive AU$3,000 and HPs next notebook (yet to be released details coming soon!). Those 5 completed short films will then be judged and also voted on by the public. The judges selection will receive AU$8,000 and an additional HP notebook and the audience winner will receive AU$2,000 and an HP notebook. HP are looking for as much creativity as possible in the Bend The Rules short films they need to be engaging and entertaining stories, told well. They should be arthouse/independent in style and tone but not too niche. Your pitch should have as much detail as possible around your idea to give you the best chance of being selected as one of the 5 finalist directors. Your pitch will be reviewed alongside examples of your previous work. MANDATORIES Please note the following mandatories for the final films: - You must be an Australian resident to take part, but can film worldwide - Films must be between 2-4 minutes in duration - Films must be original, never previously seen by a public audience and must be specifically made for HP/Genero. - At least 7 seconds of product placement of the new HP laptop (which you will receive) this should be subtle and natural, and does not need to be all in a single scene - Cannot be graphically violent, sexually explicit or depict unlawful behaviour - Cannot feature any competitor products devices like laptops, printers, tablets, iPhones etc - Windows/Android mobile phones are OK (no iOS), but the brand must not be shown and must not be a focal point of the film KEY DATES - Upload your treatments by 15th March - 5 directors selected and notified by 17th March - Short films uploaded by 6th April - Judging and Audience voting 9th April to 11th May - Winner announced on 12th May 

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