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We require a 60 second animated video to promote our data visualisation competition: DATA IS DELICIOUS. The first 30 seconds would be dedicated to explaining the importance of data visualisation (exciting visuals, statistics/quotes) and the second 30 with an overview of the competition (details below). The competition is the first of its kind in Australia, with the winner received an all-expenses paid trip to the Tableau conference in Seattle (competition details provided below).The competition is being presented by three companies (Datalicious, Veda and Inivio), each with completely different design styles, so it's not important to match. The competition should be presented as neutral to the brands. Ideally this would become an annual event that can stand on its own. We're looking for a creative design that's outside the box of traditional brand videos. We don't want to find a great filmmaker with their own unique style and force them to make a neutral brand video, we want to showcase your unique artistic vision . As reference, some great examples of branded videos here , but we want something unique. The animated work of Don Hertzfeldt is also well-liked across the agency. How you want to tell the story is up to you. Design concept and artistic direction more important to see rather than nailing video call-to-actions . We're really pushing for something unique. Video flow: The first 30 seconds should be dedicated to explaining the importance of data visualisation (exciting visuals, statistics/quotes). The second 30 should be an overview of the competition: - Introduce the "what": eg, the competition - "Why": top 3 entires present their viz to select industry and media personalities at exclusive awards night in Sydney - The winner gets an all-expenses paid trip to Tableau Conference in Las Vegas - "How": go to to get involved. You can see a landing pack mockup on the assets tab to get more of a feel for the competition. We'll work with the selected filmmaker to solidify the script and make sure the mandatories are clear.  

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