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Timmy Trumpet & Savage - Freaks
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This is a super high energy dance track from one of Australia's most exciting DJ/Producers "Timmy Trumpet." The original instrumental version has been around for a while and cemented itself as a dancefloor staple in Australia. This new vocal version features the well-known New Zealand hip hop artist SAVAGE (known for his hit "Swing") - and with the added vocal this track is now becoming a huge radio hit in Australia. We have Timmy on tour in the US from the start of September and with just one window to film him in LA with Savage to create a music video for this track; FILMING DAYS AVAILABLE: SEPT 6TH - 11TH THIS VIDEO MUST PROMINENTLY FEATURE TIMMY TRUMPET AND SAVAGE MUST INCLUDE PERFORMANCE FROM BOTH ARTISTS! THE AIM IS TO BUILD THEIR PROFILE & CELEBRITY The execution must be young, edgy, fun and have a LOAD of energy to reflect the feel of the song. If we can't come up with a solution for a creative treatment, we would also consider sending a couple of cameras on the road with Timmy and Savage and film them on tour bus, around LA and other cities as well as performing in clubs. We only have limited windows in September to do this filming! Savage is a BIG guy in every sense - physically and in personality - we should play up to this . Timmy is a true showman and performer - we would love to include him DJing and playing his trumpet somewhere in the video . FILMING DAYS AVAILABLE: SEPT 6TH - 11TH PLEASE NO CLICHES! Whilst the song is called "Freaks" - we don't want to see Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video please! Nothing that will cheapen the look of the clip as we know the budget is already tight. Steering away from super serious concepts, this should be a high energy video. The edit should match the energy of the song - prefer no slow-motion, no 'dark' or moody themes. We would love to see a great idea come to life - whether that is through finding an existing viral talent (a dancer? a contortionist? a competitive eater?) - someone who already creates highly watchable content and we build a story around them.... we would be interested in that! Also open to any and all original ideas - execution can be simple, as long as the idea is strong and creates a really engaging video. 

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