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As part of their Refreshingly Simple campaign, yellow tail are commissioning Australian directors to make 3 videos for Facebook (30 secs each), showcasing how we celebrate lifes uncomplicated moments. We are open to working with a range of different directors to deliver the 3 videos or one director to create 3 videos, so your pitch should contain multiple ideas if you have them. Each selected director will be paid AUD $7,000 for each video. Life should be simpler, so why isnt it? How come most of us spend our time rushing around, trying to fill as much as we can into a day - has technology given us less time instead of more? Think about the frustration of trying to put your groceries through the checkout only to hear that annoying voice say unexpected item in the baggage area. Or how about if you are late for work and your transit card doesnt have enough money on it and you frustratingly realise that you arent allowed to top up at the station. Annoying right? And dont even go there with hashtags! Task Take 3 real life situations (examples illustrated above), and turn them into 30-second humorous videos with a strong focus on Australian humour (situations, location, language etc.) You may submit as many ideas as you like. Each idea is to demonstrate how technology has made the lives of the yellow tail target audience more complicated. The resulting videos all have one thing in common - they all culminate in the protagonists enjoying a glass of yellow tail in order to celebrate simplicity in a complicated world. Please use the yellowtail shiraz or chardonnay as per the creative below. These videos will be placed on Facebook amp coincide with a consumer promotion. The call out to the Facebook community will be to upload their refreshingly simple moment (photos) for their chance to win. This content will be shared with our target audience on Facebook in order to bring the refreshingly simple platform (see below) to life and inspire engagement/ sharing to propagate this out amongst their networks. Target audience: Our target audience is: - yt Drinker, mean average age of 45 - yt Drinker, skewed evenly, 50/50 male/female (Facebook audience however are skewed 62 towards male, and slightly younger) - yt Average household income is $60K - Dubious about technological advancement - Proactively uploading image-based content - Relating to content that reflects their everyday - Fond of constantly reminiscing about the past without modern technology - 83 of our target audience find technology is changing so fast, it's difficult to keep up with - 70 of our target audience disagree that technology gives them more control over their lives Brand personality: - A little bit quirky - Playful and Upbeat - Self-Assured - Fun - Optimistic views life as a glass half full rather than half empty - Young at heart Mandatories Your treatment should include: - Humorous moment ideas amp execution narratives - A detailed treatment recommendation per idea - Top line production schedule including: - Acknowledgement of key delivery dates - 1 x client revision - Consistent communication with client service team in post-production - It is a requirement that each video features either a yellowtail Shiraz or Chardonnay. This needs to be an actual product shot, not a super-imposed image - We will be providing an end frame for use (this hasnt been made available yet) Your idea and video must NOT: - Combine gambling and alcohol - Use minors (images) in any social content - Promote the over-consumption of alcohol - Hijack any political or health-related issues - Incorporate any sensitive social issuesThe key message to convey is "yellowtail helps simplify amp celebrate everyday life". Additional creative direction to consider - Fun, simple ideas - Relatable, everyday situations - Video to depict various moods, but end with the relaxed, simplified vision of yellowtail - Australian humour is key, think Kath amp Kim, not outback or stereotypical Australia Building affinity: - For social media, we want to create a brand experience that is fun, engaging and closely tied to our brand personality . - For the consumer promotion, we want to involve our audience with the new brand proposition to create a connection with yellow tail. - Both our social idea and content must work towards firmly establishing yellow tail as a member of our audiences social circle. The friend that makes them laugh and is good value. Our current brand campaign: !( 

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