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Secret Friend - Any Day Now
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Ignore the lyrics. Pay attention to the music & production. Create an abstract, bold, vivid and colorful music video.The lyrics of this song are not important to the video content. You may safely ignore them, but if you want to use the lyrics in some way I am open to your ideas. I do think the best approach would be primarily abstract, trippy, and constantly changing imagery taking the viewer on a journey. This song's arrangement takes many different approaches throughout. I want the music video to reflect that by stylistically changing, drastically, just like the song, from one verse to the next. This is an opportunity for the animator to show off a bunch of different skills in a single music video. This is probably the most important point here, so if your treatment is selected you will be expected to get to know this song intimately. Below is a list of music videos which approach the style I want for this music video. After you've watched these, you should understand what I want visually. Not quite like any specific video here, but like many of them: I'm fine with computer animation, but open to all forms of animation, indeed the song lends itself to try many different animation techniques. 

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We're a little company with big dreams of crowdfunding (e.g. Kickstarter or Indiegogo) a better computer keyboard: beautiful, comfortable, and hackable. We're based in Oakland, CA. This is a Kickstarter campaign video promoting a premium, beautiful ergonomic keyboard. It’s a tool that helps people who type too much (programmers and writers) do what they do, better: - Heirloom-grade craftsmanship: From the hardwood and aluminum enclosure to the best mechanical keyswitches, this is a keyboard built to last a lifetime. - Designed for humans: Keyboardio puts your hands and wrists in a more natural position so you can keep typing comfortably, longer. - Use it everywhere: With Bluetooth that's tablet friendly to switches quiet enough to use in a meeting, Keyboardio can go where you go. - Absolutely fully programmable: We let you create your own shortcuts and record macros and bind them to keys, helping you compute like a superhero. - Open source: We ship with source code and a screwdriver: while the product works great out of the box, you can tinker to make it even better We want people to back our project, ideally by pre-ordering a keyboard. Please take a look at the FULL brief located in the ASSETS tab! Style It shouldn’t feel like an Apple ad. The product isn’t the star – the star is how the product makes the user work better. No loving close-ups of the product unless it’s in use or it’s to show a particular detail that’s important to the story. Measured pace – not high-energy quick, but no very long shots (especially no long talking-head shots). See separate attachment where we talk about what we like and dislike in a variety of crowdfunding videos. Tone - Sincere but not somber - Warm rather than coldly scientific - Knowledgeable but not full of jargon - More of a trusted friend / maven than a wise old purveyor of wisdom or a super-hip - A little quirky is OK, but stay clear of weird or goofy. - We take the product seriously but aren’t self-important people 

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